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Meet the PurTrek & Details


Introducing a revolutionary new outdoor product. The PurTrek is the worlds first 2-in-1 hiking/trek pole with a built-in pump style water filtration system always in the palm of your hand. This new innovation allows you to lighten your load as well as giving you easy access to hydrate instantly. To use simply attach the filling hose to filter nozzle and insert pole base into the water source, unlock grip handle and begin pumping purified water. PurTrek is designed both durable and dependable. We have incorporated a two-stage filter system with a large particulate pre-filter located at the lower filter inlet. PurTrek’s main filtration media is Hollow Fiber and is the same proven tech used by the largest and most successful brands on the market today, with 99.99% filtration of waterborne bacteria, protozoa, and microplastics. PurTrek also provides almost 2x more water per pump then its competitors and filters up to 500 liters per filter. I know Wow! 

The key to hiking has always been lighter is better. With the PurTrek you eliminate the need to pack a water filter by combining it with another truly vital hiking tool the trekking pole. No more stopping and digging through backpacks looking for your water filter. No more losing parts or waiting for gravity feed bags to fill. No more laying on your chest to drink through a filter straw. The PurTrek allows you to hydrate on demand and more often making your hike more enjoyable. The PurTrek is made of high strength durable polymer plastic that can take tons of abuse. For our trek pole, we used the lightweight king carbon fiber. The locking tabs or cam locks of the pole have been designed to provide an absolute stronghold every time. PurTrek is fully size-adjustable so its a fit for everyone. We also designed the pole for easy cleaning and drying for storage.

We have worked tirelessly for over 2 years to make PURTREK a product our fellow outdoor enthusiasts can depend on. We need your help to set up tooling, make molds and complete certifications. We have enlisted the help of an industry-leading manufacturing and sourcing company to oversee all stages of production and logistics. This will ensure you get the best possible PurTrek in the shortest amount of time. If you were to go and buy these products separately you could spend as much as $250 but PurTrek is almost half the cost. Back our Kickstarter today for discounts and help bring PurTrek to the world.

Join the PurTrek Team and help us bring this revolutionary new product to market.

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Thank you for your support, The PurTrek Team