PÜRTREK’s cutting-edge multi-use trekking pole and innovation is the future of outdoor gear. Hydrate instantly in seconds, no assembly needed or uncomfortable crouch kneeling bending over or laying on chest. 

We have partnered with an experienced 20 year custom trekking pole manufacturer and sourcing company in China & U.S. They also manufacture other outdoor industry products for major U.S. brands.

1 x PÜRTREK Trek Pole Water Filtration System

1 x Custom Hollow Fiber Filter 0.2% Micron 2LPM / 2000L 

1 x Drinking Tube

1 x Valve Tool & Lubricant

1 x  Complete Instruction, Care & Maintenance Manual 

1 x Rubber Carbide Tip Cover

**You can also purchase PurTrek accessories and filters. **

PÜRTREK weighs in at 19.12 OZ. PurTrek™ uses high-quality 7075 Aircraft Aluminum poles with an incredible PATENTED water filtration pump system to give you years of hydration, reliability and enjoyment.

PÜRTREK extended length: 55 Inches/ 135 CM

PÜRTREK collapsed length: 36 Inches

PÜRTREK travel length: 26 Inches "handle filtration housing removed." 

(TSA Requirement: Trek poles can only be transposed in checked bags only).

Simply open the water inlet cover, insert pole in the water source, attach the drinking hose and begin pumping fresh filtered water. When finished hydrating or filling container simply turn upside down and pump the rest of the water out. Lock pump handle down and close lower inlet cover and continue your outdoor adventure. PÜRTREK was designed to be fast and easy with you and your enjoyment in mind.

YES! We stand behind our products and want to help you get outdoors and have confidence in your purchase. We offer a 30 DAY Money Back Guarantee as well a 1 year warranty to be free of any defects. Please visit our Warranty page for additional details.   

PÜRTREK has been designed with a 2-stage filtration system, with the first stage filtration housing containing a micro foam filter, keeping your pole safe from large particles or debris you may encounter. If the system becomes dirty simply slide housing cover up and rinse, and reinstall. 

Yes, The PÜRTREK Hollow Fiber Filtration removes 99.9999% of bacteria including E.coli, Salmonella, 99.999% of parasites including Giardia and Cryptosporidium & Protozoan, and 99.99% of microplastics, sand, dirt and other organic particles that cloud water. It is sad but true these are becoming more and more common in large bodies of water that see regular pollution.

PÜRTREK was designed with a first stage inlet filter to keep out small particles. The inlet is located above the disc or bell housing to protect from debris, 5 inches off the ground well above the carbide tip. This was designed so you can insert the tip in a gravel river bed and not cover the inlet.

Yes, we offer PÜRTREK Replacement Filters & Seals @ www.PÜRTREK.com.

PÜRTREK was designed to be the perfect companion for stability as well as hydration. PÜRTREK can be completely broken down in just a few simple fast steps.

1. Remove the handle and filter by unscrewing the handle from the filter housing.

2. Remove pump housing assembly by simply unscrewing and removing the lock nut.

3. Finally, remove or clean the first stage filter by sliding protective cover up pole.

4. PÜRTREK Design is serviceable and seals and gaskets are replaceable after years of use.

PÜRTREK was designed to break down to dry and backflush after a long day's hike. The handle is your back flush as well, unscrew the handle and remove the filter. Connect hydration fitting and force water backwards (suggested just 5 lbs of pressure to backflush filter. Quick, simple and easy so you can get to what matters most. The beauty of the outdoors!

PÜRTREK has been designed with a 2 stage filtration system. If using in freezing temps for water filtration you will want to remove the filter from the pole. Keep in your jacket or pocket where it cannot freeze. When ready to filter water insert filter, when complete be sure to turn pole upside down and pump removing all water. Never allow your PurTrek hollow fiber filter to freeze. If this happens we suggest discontinuing use and replacing filter immediately.   

Filtering water with many systems is cumbersome and heavy, of ten getting access to little amounts of water. PÜRTREK combines two of the most commonly used products on the trail, a trekking pole and water filtration pump. This combo allows you to filter water in seconds easily, never missing a chance to hydrate. It also protects you better then any filtration system on the market from cross contamination. If you have ever gotten a parasite, I am sure you want to best protection. 

This is the first system that almost eliminates the possibilities of cross contamination. For those of you that do not know, cross contamination is when you get sick from bacteria or organisms in the water. Our medical professionals and scientists say most systems do not protect you from this. PurTrek’s ability to stand up and filter water can significantly reduce your chances of infection. Above all use care when filtering water and pay attention to your surroundings and areas.